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Skye Made

About Skye

based in Chicago, IL

i am a poet, a French film enthusiast, an amateur chef, a romantic, a dreamer, a cat lover, a knitter.

Skye Made was born, inadvertently, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in march 2020 when i was whisked home from college. because i was going to be staying at home all day (like, indefinitely), i needed a new, light hobby to keep myself grounded on top of my remote learning. 

i remembered how i loved to knit when I was younger but had never made anything wearable. i decided to take it back up again, impulse-buying a bunch of random yarn balls and a pattern book by loopy mango, and i just figured it out from there!

my goal is to create a collection that feels ethereal and dreamy, like wearing a cloud on your skin or glowing like the moon. i love taking inspiration from both timeless and contemporary eras—renaissance details one day, streamlined Hollywood looks the next, avant-garde silhouettes another. designing and knitting the old-fashioned way feels like making magic from my fingertips. 

the more time passes, the more designs i create from my own mind. whenever you see this, i hope you like what i've got so far. you're gonna look great in it. 

with love,

Madeline Skye 


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